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A Kiss Won't Make This Better-Completed/One Shot/Horitsuba verse/Summary:Tomoyo and Sakura run a kissing booth at the school fair,they need help,enter Fay. Kurogane's not to pleased with the idea.

A Pirate's Life For Me-Completed/Multi-chap/AU/Summary: The Sun Pirates come across a body floating in the water. Right from the start Kurogane's suspicious about the blonde,he knows he's hiding something.

And Baby Makes Three-Completed/One Shot/AU/Summary: Fay was always a pervert but when you mix that with pregnancy,it gets worse./Mpreg

Are We Growing Up-Completed/Multi chap/AU/Summary: It all began that day in kindergarten ,when Fay decided to sit down and play with Kurogane. From that day on,you never saw one without the other.

Cradles and Graves-Completed/Multi chap/AU/Summary: Kurogane and his friends always go to the same cafe after school. Kurogane eventually finds himself smitten with the blonde that works there. However Fay's hesitant,but why?

Double Vision-Completed/Multi-chap/Post series/Summary: The world they land on causes Kurogane and Fay to see eachother in a new light...from eachother's bodies! There's only one way to fix it...

Good Vibrations-Completed/Multi chap/Post Series/Summary: As Kurogane and Fay are out exploring this new world, they come across a sex shop.Fay all but drags Kurogane inside and the ideas are starting to turn in the mage's mind

Looking Foward To The Future-Completed/Multi chap/AU/Summary: Fay complains to his guidance counceler how he cant get the boy he wants. Fay's about to take a mysterious journey,courtsey of said counceler.

Mishaps-Completed/Multi chap/Post series/Summary: By a freak accident Kurogane finds himself a teenager again and Fay has all he can do to keep up with the boy.

Not Just Friends-Completed/One Shot/Post series/Summary: After another round of sex,Fay lays there and wonders what on Earth have him and Kurogane become?

Pornstar Next Door-completed/multichap/AU/Summary: Kurogane never expected his new next door neighbour would be a man he's been fantasizing about for awhile now..

Phone Moan-Completed/One shot/AU/Summary: While Kurogane's on the phone with his brother,Fay challenges him to a little,not so innocent game.

Seasons Of Love-Completed/multi chap/AU/Summary: Fay and Kurogane are from two different tribes,however they meet while Fay is hiding from the rest of his kind during a special time of year...

School Days-Completed/Multi chap/AU/Summary: Fay and Kurogane have been dating for a few years now. However with graduation upon them the two teens are off to separate colleges. Jealousy,fear and many twists and turns await them. Joining them are their friends,Kurogane's fangirl cousin Tomoyo and Fay's overprotective twin Yuui./Mpreg

Teenage Hearts-Complete/Multi chap/AU/Summary: Fay's fallen for Kurogane. Only problem? He's Kurogane's chemistry teacher!

The Known Stranger-Complete/multichapter/Post series AU/Summary:The journey is over. Syaoran and Sakura are in Clow Country,Kurogane and Fay are in Nihon Country. The ninja and the mage are planning on a family when this mysterious stranger named Sora shows up. Yet there's something familiar about him.Mpreg

Thrice I Loved Thee-completed/multi chap/au/Summary: Kurogane's walking home in the rain and he notices a strange blonde sitting on the bench. No one else seems to notice him however.

Tis The Season-completed/multichap/post series/Summary: The gang lands back in Recourt,during Christmas. Fay's anxious to celebrate the holiday and he's determinded to drag the rest of the family into it

Tsubasa: Kurogane's and Fay's Chronicle(title pending)-in progress/multichap/canon/post series/horitsuba/Summary: The whole story of tsubasa,from Kurogane's and Fay's point of view! Starting at Hanshin all the way up to the special xxxHolic chapter! Every world from the manga,the special xxxHolic chapter,the cameo in kobato,horitsuba and even the movie world is included inside!

Two Step Tango-completed/one shot/post series/Summary: The gang is back in Piffle so Kurogane can get his new arm. Tomoyo's throwing a party and Fay is dead set on stealing a dance from a certain ninja.

(Un)Restrained-completed/one shot/Horitsuba verse/Summary: Fay's being moody because he can't get the attention of a certain gym teacher. Fed up with having to deal with such a moody twin,Yuui sets the stage to get the two together.

Wake Up Call-completed/one shot/post series?/Summary: The journey's over and Suwa has been restored. Fay wakes up feeling sexual and decides to do something about it and he hopes to not wake Kurogane up in the process

You've Played The Part-completed/one shot/au/Summary: Fay and Kurogane work as adult movie actors. After finishing an erotic scene,the two of them rush home to finish what they started.

TRC/LOK crossover-in progress(on hold right now for reasons)/multichap/au/Summary: Kurogane is a waterbender that meets Fay who claims to be a non bender when he first arrives in republic city. If only Kurogane knew...

These were written by me and probaby wont ever be finished

Angel-on hiatus/au/Summary: Dr. Yuui Flourite was the best doctor to ever grace a hospital. A fatal car accident took his life. Now there's a new doctor with similar talents and looks and his name is Fay D. Flourite.

The Four Guardians-on hiatus/au/Summary: Earth,Fire,Air,Water. These are the four elements that have always existed to protect our world. As usual humans mess it up. Now the four elements have been reincarnated into four teenagers.

Heartless-on hiatus/canon au(takes place in a world not in the manga but not post series)/Summary:They've landed on a world that's very dangerous. When a monster is about to attack Kurogane and Syaoran,Fay breaks his promise and for it he pays the ultimate price.

The Jacket-on hiatus/au/summary:Fay's your everyday chemistry geek.Kurogane's your sports team star. The two of them end of partners for a chemistry project and somehow a simple gesture from Kurogane makes Fay fall.

Lay All Your Love On Me-on hiatus/post series/summary:Kurogane's about to ask Fay an important question,one that if Fay says yes,his life will change forever(this may be re-done by me and ~ms-pen

Mischief Cuddles-complete/one shot/horitsuba au/summary:Kurogane's warm in his bed awaiting the arrival of his parents for dinner,he wasn't expecting a certain chemistry teacher to come over and try to warm himself up.[this was my first EVER kurofay fic excuse the OOCness i may do that day) (READ IT HERE [link])

The Prince and The Pauper(written with a friend)-on hiatus:Fay's a lonely prince looking for his lost brother. Kurogane's said prince body guard.
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